rhysMarquee Lights are one of the latest trends in decor today. They can be seen at weddings, with the bride and groom’ first name initials brightly lit. They can be used as bold home accents or, they can be incorporated into a themed party…like a Carnival birthday party perhaps?? Continue reading below to see how I made my own marquee letters for under $30.00!


  • Paper mache letters
  • Paint
  • Box cutter
  • Christmaslights
  • Sand paper
  • Black marker


I ordered my paper mache letters from Jo-Ann Fabrics & Crafts. They are the 12 inch Paper Mache Letters. When I bought them they were $3.99 USD each, regular price $4.99 USD. Since I’m from Canada, I had to pay a shipping fee of $11.95. What’s great about these letters is that they are hollow inside which makes it easier to get that Marquee style look. What you want to do is open up the front of each letter. So with a box cutter, cut into the outer edge of one side of a letter. Once you have one side cut open, just peel off the rest of the
front. It comes off nicely and does minimal damage to the letter. With a sheet of sand paper, sand down the edges of your now open letters.

Next step is to paint your letters. You can use any colour you like, I decided to use a deep red colour since it goes with my theme. I painted each letter inside and out with two coats. Once the paint dried, I went ahead and marked the back of each letter where I wanted my lights placed. I just eyeballed where I wanted my lights to go and the space between each light. I then went ahead and punctured each mark with my box cutter.

For the lights, I used a 50 count set of soft white LED Christmas lights. Start putting the lights through the holes with your first letter from the bottom of one side and work your way to the end of the letter. Do that for all your letters and you are almost done! If you find that some lights aren’t staying in place, use some hot glue to hold them in.

Last step is to plug in your Marquee letters and voila! I think I spent a total of 2 hours on this project. Maybe less. This DIY is definitely a great alternative to buying them at the store. They can be re-used for future parties or as a home accent!

There is no doubt that these awesome lit up letters will brighten up any room. Happy crafting!




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