The last few weeks have been physically and emotionally draining. After one year of being on maternity leave, I am back to being a working mommy. The exhaustion is REAL. I try not to go too long without posting but every day after work I am just burnt out! I work in a satellite lab as a laboratory technician which makes me a vampire by day, human mom by night haha.

My first week was a nice slow transition back to work life. I was afraid that after one year of not drawing blood I’d lose my touch but, I still got it (Thank God!) Being back at work reminded me why I do what I do. In the last few weeks I’ve run into doctors and patients who’ve said nothing but kind words and expressed how happy they were to have me back. In the five years that I’ve been a technician, offering the best patient care has always been my priority. From greeting the patient with a polite demeanor, to drawing their blood and to handling specimens. It is truly a craft and to succeed and provide the best experience for patients you have to want to help people and enjoy doing it! Lab technicians/ assistants are the front line of any laboratory. We are in direct contact of patients, we interact with all outside non-lab personnel and, we are the first representation of the lab we work for. Nothing makes me feel more accomplished than knowing I’m helping people and being appreciated for it! I am thankful and blessed for the opportunity that was presented and I couldn’t be happier with my work environment and the lovely ladies I work alongside with.

I’m finally getting back into a daily routine, I never thought I would! I felt like a zombie the first few days of work and of course I am missing my babies constantly! I call them at least once while I’m at work just to see how their day is going and tell them that I miss them so so much! Last August I was so excited to have the entire year off. I’d get to spend all day with my boys, drop off the big brother to school on some occasions and SLEEP IN. It was exactly what I had hoped for. December comes around, it’s baby’s first Christmas, family gatherings left and right and I’m thinking Wow! where did the last four months go? It’s okay you still have eight months left!” August to March I watched both my boys grow. I watched baby boy roll over onto his tummy, say “MA MA” and “DA DA” for the first time and catch almost every smile and giggle. I was able to witness Rylan progress in school. Every other day he’d ask questions like “Mom, does munch rhyme with lunch?” or “Mom what’s 200+200?” He even lost his first tooth during my mat leave! It’s always the little things that you want to be around for. The big occasions you’ll always have a ton of pictures to look back on but little moments you want to cherish just as much.

Even though I’m back to work full time, I’m happy that I was able to spend a good chunk of the summer with my boys. It was a great summer and an even greater year off. I made sure to catch a lot of it on video and snapped a whole lot of pictures too! I’m hoping to manage my time better now since I’m slowly getting into the groove of things so that I can post more frequently about my mommy+wifey/vampire/iwanttodoEverything life! I hope everyone is having a wonderful long weekend because I definitely am! QT with my cuties all weekend 🙂fam


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