DIY ring pillow


^^My first DIY ring pillow back in 2012 for my own wedding^^

Almost 3 years ago I married the LOML ❤ Since we had a destination wedding, much of our planning didn’t take place until days before the wedding so I had a lot of time to do a diy project. Ring pillows these days come in all shapes and sizes with endless design possibilities! Although all the pillows I saw were beautifully made, I just could not justify the cost of a store bought pillow! So as you can guess, I made my own. Just this past week I had the honor of making my lovely cousin and her fiance a ring pillow for their destination wedding which they just left for! I’m hoping that it gets to Mexico in one piece and will be a nice little addition to the ceremony. Continue reading for a few details on how I made the ring pillow.

I purchased the fabric for the pillow and polyester stuffing at Fabric land. They have a great selection of fabric and supplies for all your crafting needs. I purchased the ribbons from Michael’s as well as the star fishes. Since they are having a destination wedding, I thought a beach themed ring pillow would be appropriate.

Step 1.
Start by cutting 2 square pieces of fabric with the same dimensions. The measurements of the pillow are completely up to you, depending on how big or small you’d like your pillow to be.

Step 2.
Cut a piece of ribbon the same length as your fabric squares.

Step 3.
Placement. Before you start sewing (hand or machine) make sure the right sides of the fabric are taken into consideration. Start by taking one piece of square fabric and place shiny side up. Then take the ribbon a place it 3/4 of the way up on the fabric or right in the middle. Then take your second piece of fabric and place it with the shiny side down. Basically you are sewing the pillow from the inside.

Step 4.
Remember not to close up the pillow since you’ll need an opening to stuff the pillow. Once you’ve left an opening, turn the pillow inside out. The shiny part of the fabric should now be exposed and the ribbon should rum securely from both sides of the pillow.

Step 5.
Stuffing the pillow. Pull apart bunches of the polyester stuffing before inserting into the pillow. Try your absolute best to distribute the stuffing evenly. I suggest using a good amount of stuffing since you can always adjust the pillow and mend out lumps afterwards.

Step 6.
Once the pillow is stuffed, sew the opening shut and your pillow is done!

Step 7.
Design. I tried to incorporate their color motifs into the pillow as best as I could. The glue gun came in very handy when adding the dried star fish and seaside details. I also glued on the crystal eading. The bow was hand tied and also glued onto the pillow. Below is the finished product.

If the soon-to-be married couple has a chance to read this, Congratulations again 🙂 wishing you both all the happiness in life and I hope you have the time of your lives in Mexico!!!!!


image                           image


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