The gift of giving 

I realize that quite some time has passed since my last post. I’m still trying to find the balance between work, mommy life and blogging which is why I’ve decided to start by this post.

It’s so easy to push things to the side and say “It can wait” but then what happens to the progression? Or completion? For 2016 one of my resolutions is to accomplish everything I say I’m going to. Or at least try. I can’t even count the amount of times I’ve convinced myself that I was too busy to finish something! “Busy” is no longer going to be an excuse. If its important, I should definitely be able to make time for it.

Just because busy is no longer going to be an excuse of mine I’m not going to deny the fact that the last few months have been insane! With work, our boys,our new puppy, basketball games, and Christmas preparations it’s been anything but quiet and slow around here! It’s good chaos 🙂 most of the time lol.

One thing I really wanted to share in this post was the change we’d noticed in my 6 year old. Up until this year, Rylan’s Christmas routine has pretty much been the same. He counts down the days until Christmas, shakes a few gifts under the tree and gushes about how much fun he’s going to have with his cousins and all the presents he’s going to get.

It was the last week of November when we were at a Tim Hortons drive-thru. As we were driving out, a man approached our vehicle and asked me if I could spare some change so he could grab something to eat. I didn’t have any change on me so I said “Sorry, I don’t.” He kindly responded “That’s okay, thank you.” As we drove off Rylan asked me if I could pack some sandwiches and snacks to keep in the car for when we run into people who are hungry. For me, it was a great idea and I quickly told him “Sure! We can do that.” That evening as my hubby and I were discussing Rylan’s generous idea of giving his dad suggested Tim Hortons gift cards instead. That way, the person had a choice of  a hot meal instead of cold sandwiches from the car.

The following week I went out and purchased 2 gift cards and kept them in the car. I’m glad to say that they’ve been successfully handed out to individuals in need of a nice hot meal or two. The two individuals were very thankful for the gift cards which left us all smiling especially Rylan

Aside from handing out gift cards, he’s donated a toy that was meant to be one of his gifts to a toy drive for kids less fortunate and he’s brought canned goods to school for Winnipeg Harvest. As a mom, this brings me a lot of happiness to see my son have compassion for others. The fact that he cares about another person’s well being makes my heart so full. It’s important for us that our boys grow up knowing what it means to have less. Not only does it help build character, it’ll also help them realize how fortunate they are and be more appreciative of all they have.

Rylan didn’t always know why individuals would come up to our car window. We had to explain it to him. Now that he understands, he is starting to do a little giving on his own. With our help course. It’s a safe way of giving and I think we’ve started a new Christmas tradition. I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas surrounded by loved ones and a New Year that will be filled with blessings and happiness! I can’t wait to see what 2016 brings for my family!


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