A thought

I started keeping a planner a few months ago to help me keep track of important dates, reminders etc. I already have everything on my phone but there’s just something about pen and paper that I still love and appreciate. 

I bought my planner from Michael’s before the new year. They had these adorable planners on clearance and I just had to snatch one for myself.

The inserts and tabs were sold separately but they were also on clearance at the time. My favourite part about my planner are the positive messages or inspirational quotes in the inserts. Sometimes when I’m having an off day, I reflect on what’s bringing me down, apply one of the quotes to my situation and try to see things in a better light. It really helps and I can snap out of my “blah” state. Good Vibes only right?

Since I couldn’t get enough of the Happy quotes I bought stickers too! I love them! They all just make so much sense if you want them to.

What I also love about this planner is that it also has photo inserts. My best gifts and memories I store in them.

Since I have so many Happy stickers and messages I think I’m going to share one every other day or so. The one below is one of my favourites. CHOOSE to be grateful. Where I am right now, I have a choice. I’m allowed to L I V E freely, happily and for that I am grateful. I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!! I’m trying to get over a nasty cough I’ve had for over month now but I’m getting better, I’m here so I’ll stay thankful 🙂


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