Get you a Planner!

New Year, New Planner!

I’ve been patiently waiting for the cutest planners to go on sale at Michaels and they finally had them on for 50% off this week so I snatched one for myself. Planning my days, weeks, and months has never been so adorable until now!

Here’s a view of my most recent Michaels mini haul.

I know the planner says “THIS IS YOUR YEAR” but I’m actually thinking of taking a permanent marker and crossing out the Y in YOUR. I am planning for my family so it only makes sense right? This will be OUR year for any and all possibilities! 

Left to right: Planner stamps, Recollections stickers, and a 2017 Planner.

One of my goals this year is to be organized. I’m hoping I can organize our schedules, activities, bills, appointments etc all in one planner. I like writing things down and keeping notes as I go so having a planner is a must for me. Nothing wrong with being a little “Extra” ha! What I love about these planners is that they’re completely customizable! If you want to add extra pages or dividers you can! There’s so many little fun add-ons (sold separately) you’re almost looking at organized art lol. I couldn’t leave the store without buying some more “Feel good” stickers as I’d like to call them. They’re mini motivational stickers that you can place practically anywhere as a little reminder or a little pick me up to turn a not so good day into a great one 🙂

This is my first time using planner stamps and I don’t know why I didn’t start sooner. The stamps I got included a mini black ink pad and a clear plastic applicator. Super easy to use and mess-free. They are just too cute, I’ve already started stamping in April 2017!! I also have stickers of the same nature so I’ll alternate between stickers and stamps. What’s great about the stamps is they’re reusable so all you have to get is ink refills which doesn’t cost much at all!

(At first I thought the laundry stamp was the Instagram logo and I couldn’t figure out HOW that’d be relevant in day to day planning…then I saw the water..ha ha ha never mind!!)

So this is what the inside of the planner looks like. LOVE. It’s super chic and fun and right away it puts you in a good mood by just looking at it!

Almost every month divider has an Inspirational quote or message which I really appreciate. Nothing like positive words to pump you up for a new month!

If you decide to purchase a planner from Michaels, I’d suggest waiting for a good sale. Unless you have the money to buy at regular price then why the heck not! But they’re not cheap! This particular planner I bought was $39.99 regular price so I got it half off. The add-ons are anywhere from $5.99 & up depending on what it is so again, I’d wait for a sale. Also, after most purchases, you’ll recieve a 40% off coupon on a regular priced item so thats great potential savings too! They also send digital coupons so if you’re good at looking out for weekly sales, you’ll have a super extra, super gorgeous planner in no time!

Thats that for my Planner post, I hope it encourages others to get planning too! I love the visual payback you get out of these things. Not only are you getting organized, but it motivates your creative side too! Happy reading all! I hope everyone had a good weekend!!!


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