My babies you’ll always be

With Rylan’s 8th birthday fast approaching, I find myself looking through old pictures and reliving memories of a fun-loving baby with giant cheeks, droopy but happy eyes, and an ever charming smile 🙂 Now, that baby boy is a big boy. Next year or maybe the next he’ll be taller than me. He already talks like a teenager, he’d rather stay home than go grocery shopping these days, and any remnants of baby Rylan is almost near gone. He’s basically 100% all kid now. *Sigh. 

Some days I just stare at him and I’ll feel my heart grow triple in size. I don’t think I’ll ever love anyone more than I love my babies. Which is why sometimes I can be my biggest critic. Everyday I wonder if we’re doing the right things for our boys and if we’re doing enough but..I think know we are. I mean if I can’t trust myself to be a good mom how can they? Should anyone assume we’re living a perfect life, or trying to be perfect parents we’re not. Not at all 🙂  Just because I can admit that we’re good parents doesn’t make us better than the next mommy & daddy. I can admit I’m heavily flawed too! But we are trying, and we try hard. Everyday. So I guess you can call us try hards because that’s what we do lol & we’ll continue to try until we can see our boys thrive on their own. 

People used to tell me and they still do, “Cherish every moment because they grow up fast” and now I’m really seeing it for myself. Sometimes Rylan will tell me he can’t wait until he’s a teenager so he can drive or buy games with his own money (I laughed hard at that one) and every time I tell him, there’s no rush. Be a kid! And believe me, that advice favors us more than it does him! But even with all the growing and changing taking place, I’ll always love my boys as much as the first time my eyes met with theirs. I just can’t imagine not being a mommy to them! I can only hope to uplift them always.

SO that’s that for my little sappy mommy moment before bed. Hug & kiss your babies while they still want you to and tell them everyday that you love em!!!!

P.S. The greatest and most valid indicators of right Good parenting are given by the ones you’re parenting. No one else 🙂 ❤ 


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