Life in memes 

There is no denying that memes are part of daily life. Most are hilarious, some are just downright mean but they all make us laugh especially when we can relate! I’ve gathered some funny parent/mommy memes that are totally relatable to my life and I’m sure others can relate too. It’s always nice to start the day with a good laugh 🙂 Happy Sunday! 

1. I like to think I’m a cool mom…lol I haven’t been told I’m otherwise so…. 🙂 

2. This is just bang on!

3. Jake had a good laugh with this one. You can’t deny your inner Bolo Yeung!

4. When this happens to me it’s always on the weekend!!!

5. Because it’s too complex for a 2 1/2 year old to comprehend I say, “Go ask daddy” 

6. GUILTY!!!

7. Hahahaha that is all.

8. Even with all their toys laid out the younger one will find a household item so much more amusing.

9. I do love my yoga pants and I do love my wine 🙂

10. I KNOW I’ve made this face before and I’ve seen it on own my mom countless times lol!!!

11. Why is it that the hubby makes the same face when I call him too LOL

12. I am!!!

13. Which is why I’m this too LOL

14. Story of my life

15. Again

16. A family that gets sick together stays home together!

17. I just give the task to someone else like “Okay, dad’s turn or Kuya’s turn” and it works ha!!!

18. Me!!!! When it’s time to go to bed, it is time to go to bed!

19. So there’s a term for it & I’m not the only one lol


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