Today, we decided to check out Winnipeg’s new indoor playground, Hide-N-Seek! This new indoor playground is located just off of McGillivray, in the same industrial park where Sky Zone is located! We went just after lunch so it wasn’t busy at all! There must’ve been about 4-5 families there so it was easy for us to really take advantage of the place!

I took this picture on the way out. The older brother doesn’t want to leave, the baby is unsure….and the dad is relieved hahaha

Admission fees are reasonable and well worth it. Before entry, parents/guardians are asked to fill out a waiver form on a desktop.  It’s super quick to fill out and only one adult needs to fill out the waiver. Once its completed, you pay and go right in! Like any indoor playground establishment, socks are required for EVERYONE. No outside food/drinks are permitted and strollers cannot be brought into the play area. I think they can be left near the entrance but I’m not 100 % sure so I’d call ahead before visiting if you have questions.

What I really liked about Hide-n-Seek was how they made great use of the space in there. Every corner was either part of the playground or game area. They also have benches/chairs all around the playground to make it easier to watch the kids.

There is something to do for all ages! They have a Toddler zone with mega blocks, a few ride-ons, and a play house for the little ones! There is lots of space for crawling! There are also mini slides and crawl-ins for smaller kiddies. The arcade games are all in one room and they only take game cards which you can purchase at the front. Points earned on the game cards can be traded for treats/toys at any time.

The playground itself is huge and quite spacious so parents can easily go up with their children. A trip for the kids can easily double up as a work out for adults!

The upper level is where the party rooms are located and can be accessed by stairs. There is also another small play area on the upper level with foam ball blasters that are great for older kids and a rolling slide (that hurts your tush).


I would like to mention that 3 of the big slides are very fast and I would not recommend them for smaller children unless accompanied by an adult. Even then I would attempt them with caution. The steel slide, the red double slides, and the green covered slide are the faster ones. Just a heads up!

We decided to try the cafe and we were not disappointed! The cost of a whole pizza and a few drinks is what you’d typically pay at other indoor playgrounds. I can’t recall if fountain drinks are refillable at other establishments but they are at Hide-n-Seek which was a great perk! Wi-Fi is also available to customers at no cost which was nice too! There are washrooms on both levels and were kept very clean and are super child friendly. The staff were all very friendly and accommodating and always made sure all areas were clean.

I  highly recommend Hide-n-Seek to all families! I’m sure it gets pretty busy on the weekends so if a visit during the week is an option, I’d suggest going so that the whole family can take advantage of everything this place has to offer. We’ll definitely visit Hide-n-Seek in the future. It was a big hit with the boys and us too!



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