Hello jello!

Here’s a quick and fun jello recipe that takes minimal effort and the kiddies coming back for more! Growing up I knew it as broken glass jello but some also call it cathedral window jelly. It wasn’t until recently that I started making this dessert. A co-worker of mine brought it to work one day… Read More Hello jello!

For him

The link below was a post I came across on Facebook. It’s about a man who had lost his father and the after affects his loss left on him.  If you’ve lost your dad, speak up this Father’s Day This past Friday I did my 3rd Inspire for Life Walk for Lung Cancer along with… Read More For him

A thought

I started keeping a planner a few months ago to help me keep track of important dates, reminders etc. I already have everything on my phone but there’s just something about pen and paper that I still love and appreciate.  I bought my planner from Michael’s before the new year. They had these adorable planners… Read More A thought